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Just stop it!  Former NHL players sue over concussions

For the children

Colbert to replace Letterman…really?

Tipton out, Whitten in

Tipton to be idle 6 months to gain benefits

Sebelius resigning…who will tamper with health insurance now?


A California school is taking heat, but maybe deserves some credit.  Brevard County Manager Howard Tipton has had his feet propped up since last July when he orchestrated the succession plan that made Deputy County Manager Stockton Whitten the “Lady in Waiting” for the job.  Now, Tipton is headed to see what damage he can accomplish in St. Lucie County and Whitten will ascend to the throne.  But Brevard is left in a quandary…just who is the lady in waiting now?  I mean, if it was so important to have a succession plan, if this was not just a ploy to secure the job for a less than worthy candidate, who’s next?  We are left with similar questions regarding the further dismantling of health insurance in the USA.  Kathleen Sebelius is resigning as HHS Secretary.  It should add up to an interesting Friday on BML.  Enjoy your weekend!