Sochi- the medal count

Senate playing where it doesn’t belong

Redskins fire back

Suicide bomb instructor blows up self, class

BCS looking for budget cut input

Legislature could repeal red light cameras

America killing Americans overseas

Matt Reed: Cocoa Beach looking up





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FINALLY!  Curling has begun at the Olympic Games in Sochi.  I was treated to a couple of games yesterday and yet another dose of that American women’s hockey team that seems to be firing on all cylinders.  The US gals looked powerful as they dominated the Swiss through two periods of play and had a 5-0 lead as I had to leave for a meeting.  It’s bad, I am now setting my DVR so I don’t miss women’s hockey.  Do you believe in miracles?

Back to the real world, the US Senate isn’t faring nearly as well as its members continue to dabble where they don’t belong.  But they are getting blowback from their intended target, the Washington Redskins.  Yes, I said it, REDSKINS!  In a story that has to have you laughing, a suicide bomb instructor was successful…in blowing up himself and his class!  Brevard schools are looking for budget cut input and the Florida Legislature may consider repealing red light cameras.  Matt Reed takes a look at the future of Cocoa Beach and that was port of our discussion for THE MATT REED SHOW on WEFS-TV tomorrow at 11:30am, 4:30pm and 10pm.  It’s Bright House channel 9.