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I feel sorry for David Gregory. Not only could he not hold a candle to Tim Russert on Meet the Press (and who could?), he couldn’t hold the audience so NBC hired a psychological consultant to talk to his friends and family to get to know their almost 20 year NBC employee.  And then they tell the world about it!  So, yea, I feel for David Gregory, but Tim Russert he ain’t and that’s Meet the Press’ biggest problem.  What if you don’t want your kids taking a Common Core test?  How about the police meeting you at the school doors?  How would you like the 1st Amendment to be trampled at the hands of Supreme Court Justice?  Thank God John Paul Stevens is retired. The Governor and some in the legislature are behind the once-thought-dead illegal immigrant in-state tuition bill.  And this time it appears the Florida House is the impediment to a real ethics bill in Tallahassee.


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