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Senate rallies behind Cruz bill to stop Iran UN envoy

Holder wants to be incompetent in other fields, too

Family defends itself from intruder

Meet Informant #7- you know him as Al Sharpton

Brevard School Board deciding closure policy

Legislature working “film incentive” program

Senator John Legg gets it…must be his roots!

Update: Supremes won’t hear Christian photographer case

Matt Reed: Jeb is right on immigration

Ted Cruz found support he didn’t know he had (or we can have bipartisanship when the cause is right).  While Eric Holder is incompetent as Attorney General, he wants to spread his incompetence to the gun world.  A Florida family could teach Holder a thing or two.  Al Sharpton an FBI informant?  Who would have thought that?  Well, it does explain a lot.  Brevard’s school board will set its school closure policy (it’s about time).  They had better reduce the want time on the ½ cent tax if they want it to have a prayer.  More government nonsense: a legislative plan to incentivize film making in Florida.  I’m glad Fl Senator John Legg voted his conscience, of course, he’s originally from WV!  The US Supreme Court is leaving the New Mexico gay wedding photographer case to New Mexico.


Matt Reed: school pics show neglect, needed repairs

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