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BBC takes PC too far

Employee evaluations = discrimination

Colorado town pays open carry theater customer

Thought police in the US

Left using Santa Barbara killings to push gun control

R lawmakers need to hear the press on this one

Some folks just can’t be trusted with secrets (sadly, they work in the White House)

As we paused yesterday to remember those who sacrificed for our freedoms, is it possible that those freedoms are diminishing?  I believe many in this audience would say yes and several of our stories today would serve to prove that point.  From the language we use how we relate in the workplace, there are those in this society that would control your very thoughts, if they could.  They will also use headline events to push an aggressive agenda to limit your right to self protection.  Florida Republican legislators would be well served to listen to the press covering the redistricting trial…we simply look bad on this one, boys!  And in Washington, the White House apparently can’t be trusted with secrets…we need some adults in charge of intelligence operations.


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