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Mexico defends homo-slur at World Cup

World prejudices highlighted at World Cup

Judge decides she should change her mind

Tragic death- should dad be charged?

Qualifying done- incumbents face challenges

Jindal- a hostile takeover of DC?

Melbourne council considers panhandling tomorrow night

Waste Management Park…er, Field of Dreams to begin construction

Marijuana battle heats up

Putting the hoax to “global warming”

Matt Reed: Old space vs new space

THE RACE IS ON…qualified candidates list

Admittedly, I am not a soccer fan, but after going to a sports bar with friends to watch last night’s game there is some intrigue.  Sadly, it’s mostly off the field.  Election season is heading into full swing with qualifying accomplished on Friday.  I am troubled by the arrest of a father in Rockledge.  He left his child in the vehicle.  The child died.  Does the state really think it can punish this father more than he is already punishing himself?  Those stories and more begin our week together on BML.


Embarrassment: FL in top 10 most corrupt states