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Harvard: White Privilege training mandatory

How smart are you?  Not as much as you think

President wrong on immigration enforcement, right on whom to arrest

Port approves BCSO takeover of police operations

Melbourne takes away tax breaks from underperforming companies

For the Dopers…medical marijuana media push coming

Matt Reed: Talking with Commission candidates

Launch at 8:08 tonight…Jim Banke covers for WMMB-LIVE

Harvard is accepting the idea of pushing “White Privilege” indoctrination on its students.  But our next story indicates we don’t know how smart we aren’t!  The President isn’t smart on immigration enforcement, but right on priorities for enforcement.  The BCSO will be handling enforcement at the Port.  Melbourne is smart to take away tax break from businesses not holding up their end of the bargain.  John Morgan and allies are smart…it’ll take big money o push the medical marijuana issue.  Brevard Schools aren’t so smart with their announcement over the new state money into their budget.  Florida Today’s Matt Reed will join us at 7am to discuss his look at County Commission candidates and how you can play along.


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Russia banning US from Space Station

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