Torres right- farewell tours are horrible

Cops wrong, CO asked for it

CA wants to run Boy Scouts, instead would cripple judiciary

Ellis: EDC should pay attorney fees

Tea Party Straw Poll results

Ethics committee circles wagons on knowing anything about candidates

Matt Reed: Tipton Brevard’s true conservative


The straw poll at Saturday’s Brevard Tea Party anniversary event showed what many might expect, a strong showing for conservative candidates.  But, it also showed something else, maybe several somethings.  The Judicial Ethics Committee in Florida just doesn’t get it…the Brevard Tea Party is not a party and any judicial candidate that doesn’t get that probably should not be an attorney, much less a judge.  John Torres got it right over the weekend as baseball’s farewell tours are a bore.  California would like to run everything.  This time it’s the Boy Scouts and they could be harming the courts if this idea takes hold.  They are all in play as we begin our week on BML.