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Here are your racist Tea Party haters

Educated beyond their intelligence

TDC to ask for $3m for lemonade stand

Maybe Cocoa Beach is learning something

Melbourne, County at odds over EMS $

Board approves teacher contract, union questioned by teachers

Matt Reed: buys establishment rhetoric, misses on election column

Lee County says no to Common Core testing

Florida Supremes to tackle gay marriage

While a losing County Commission candidate referred to the Tea Party as haters (and was really stupid in his personal attacks on voters) he’s not the only one missing the mark.  Ferguson, MO residents got a lesson in Tea Party and it was a good one.  My friend Matt Reed missed the Tea Party mark in his column today as well.  I like sociology.  I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t like most sociologists if their group is representative.  The TDC has doubled down on stupid.  Cocoa Beach may be going the other way.  Melbourne and the County are fighting over EMS money.  The school board has approved the teachers’ contract.  The teachers aren’t approving of the union.  Lee County is dumping Common Core testing and the Florida Supremes will take on the gay marriage issue.  And you thought things would slow down after the election!


St. Louis County cop on leave after not knowing how to say it

Florida Today’s thumbs up/down