Replay hits baseball…not a fan

Obama takes TDC lesson

Connecticut becomes Chicago

Colorado lawsuit on gun law

Sebelius ignores inconvenient question

Hartman qualifies in D-2

Iran has hostage taker as UN envoy

CA exchange wants to register voters…as Democrats

It’s happened.  Replay has hit MLB and I don’t like it.  If it takes over 30 seconds to decide if the ump was right or wrong, give him the benefit of the doubt…they get so much right as a matter of practice.  Has the president been following the lead of the TDC?  Connecticut is now Chicago when it comes to guns and Colorado’s gun law faces a court challenge.  The nation’s Secretary of Obamacare doesn’t care if you don’t like it.  Only one candidate has qualified so far in the D-2 County Commission race.  Iran wants to send a former hostage taker to the US as a UN envoy.  CA’s healthcare exchange has decided to register voters…as Democrats.  Pretty sure that’s not what this is supposed to be about.


FL SECSTATE stops “purge”

Enterprise FL needs investigated, too

CA “free” self defense classes another bad idea

TDC wants your rental $...must be another statue out there


Common Core becomes election issue