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Doc shoots patient…saving lives

Resident shoots robbers…saving lives

Carville confirms what we already knew

911 call lands driver in more trouble

All Aboard Florida ripped in FT editorial

Lewis will decide on district maps/election next week

This will NOT help you exercise…may help you quit!

Our two Second Amendment stories today come from Pennsylvania.  One is from Philadelphia and the other from Pittsburgh.  Maybe bad guys in PA need to wake up.  James Carville confirms what we already knew about President Obama- he doesn’t care what we think.  A drive in a West Melbourne traffic stop would have been netter off saying he was trying to fraudulently return a TV to Target.  Instead of just a ticket for speeding, he got himself arrested for a fake 911 call.  Judge Terry Lewis did not reach a decision on redistricting maps yesterday.  He says he will make a decision by the end of next week.  In today’s 8am hour D-4 County Commission candidate Greg Jones is with us.  The post show video interview will be live on line and can be found on the Brevard Political page



School meal changes to hike price

IRS finds backup tapes…may have Lerner emails