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We’ll visit with Property Appraiser Dana Blickley in hour three today.  It’s Homesteading time in Florida and Dana will get us up to speed.  Andy Anderson has those youthful dreams of baseball.  Marco Rubio’s immigration plan faces scrutiny by the right.  Gaming is in focus this legislative session.  Elections will be tinkered with by this legislature, the question is how.  Here’s how to run a gun buyback program…free market style!  Does a quiet cutback of Marines signal things to come from the Obama administration?  Here’s one place they will continue to need Marines.  The president’s playbook, opened yesterday on the show, is catching flak from media watchdogs.  From the “where do I sign up?” department, a public college in Minnesota is hosting a forum on helping females achieve orgasm.  The Boy Scouts of America is considering a no policy position on gays in scouting.  Since many troops are based in churches, this could set up a problem.      


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