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School punishment fit for a state legislator

Project list for school tax released

School Board sets tentative millage rate- max rate is a reduction?

Chief “cultural welfare recipient” spins his case

Eric Holder has his nose in Florida elections

2nd judge issues conflicting ruling on legislative write-ins

Are you tired of the Primary mailers, yet?  The only ones that really bother me are Thad Altman’s.  They are so full of lies (not that lying is an unusual campaign tactic for the liberal in Republican clothing).  It’s insulting and it tells you just what Altman thinks of the electorate-that they are dumb enough to believe him.  Brevard Schools have released the repair list that would be funded by the ½ cent sales tax.  It’s convoluted, as you might expect.  It makes it difficult to trust the numbers.  The Board has also set its tentative millage rate.  How is the maximum rate they can charge a reduction?  And the Brevard Cultural Alliance, our art-world welfare recipient, is on a medial blitz to justify the tax money it gets.  Eric Holder is dabbling in Florida’s elections with threatening tones and another judge has ruled on write-in legislative candidates.  The problem is, the ruling is exactly opposite of what another judge ruled earlier.  Our final set of Primary candidates will begin in today’s 8am hour as we talk with D-2 County Commission candidate Jim Barfield.  The post show video interview will be live on line and can be found on the Brevard Political page



Four fired in Port Canaveral parking scheme

Brevard Schools delaying computer system payment…it ain’t working

Melbourne council finally decides tax rate

Cocoa wants fire fee hike