Rollins again draws national attention

Gym membership revoked for cell phone use

FL student disarms gunman, gets suspended

Administration contempt for media apparent and ongoing

Reporter snubbed by Blueware

Tallahassee ready for session

The governor and the legislature

Fair share…not fair and the left wants more



I’m tired of our so-called institutions of higher learning making news for stupid things.  The latest is again RollinsCollege in Orlando and it needs to get its act together.  The parking Taliban mentality has found its way into places you would think it shouldn’t.  You pay for your gym membership, should you not get some consideration for trying to work in a work out?  Here’s a great reward: a Florida student disarmed a gunman on his bus, possibly saving many lives.  He got suspended for involvement in the incident.  Contempt for media isn’t confined to the Obama administration, it’s just perfected there.  One local reporter can attest to the treatment as he covers a local story.  The cry of the left in Washington is that the wealthy should pay its fair share of taxes.  Someone needs a new understanding of fair!  And the legislative session is about to begin in Tallahassee.  There are several insights in today’s posted stories.