What is Satellite Beach thinking?  It’s thinking it can distract from its wrongdoings by publishing personal email of critics in the agenda packet for this week.  Not smart.  Then again, it’s Satellite Beach where an ethnocentric group of inbred elected and appointed officials believe they can operate without fear of reprisal or accountability.  Make no mistake, this is nothing but a diversionary tactic to attempt to take the heat off of the CRA wrongdoings and deflect from the Clerk of Courts audit that exposes it all.  We’ll talk it at 7.


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The game was lame and so were most of the commercials.  I was hopeful for an exciting Super Bowl and was quickly disappointed.  The commercials, normally a great addition to the TV event, were lackluster.  The Seattle defense dominated the game and creativity was sacked in the ad game.  Fox News Channel’s Todd Starnes will join us at 7:25 and we’ll catch up on the Super Bowl and his takes from last week’s news.  We’ll also take a look at the follow up from the EFSC shooting and the Clerk of Courts/EDC lawsuit.  Glenn Beck is saying what I have been all along…and he’s saying it to the Texas GOP.  Republicans in DC are claiming they want borders secured before any immigration deal.  We can hope they have resolve, but the past doesn’t make it likely.  It’s a Monday on BML. 

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