Sochi- the medal count

Senate, House leaders back red light camera repeal

Iowa State bans hotel Bibles

University of South Carolina text shows liberal thoughts on minorities

Off duty cop stops robbery, slays bad guy

FT report: MANY more attend school meeting- if minus 10 is many more!

FIT prof should understand use of polygraph before sounding off

Matt Reed: show us school needs


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We have a couple of powerful books in play for our Tuesday.  First the Bible, which apparently makes non-believers pick it up when it is placed in hotel room nightstands.  Second, a text at the University of South Carolina that demeans conservatives while actually showing what the left thinks of minorities.  One armed robber thought he would run off a would-be rescuer by displaying a gun.  Boy, was he wrong!  An FIT professor hammers away at polygraphs in a guest column.  Too bad she doesn’t understand the use of the machine.  Florida Today is on a press in favor of the ½ cent school tax, but deceptive headlines don’t help.  And we’ll begin with a legislative item that started in a Brevard high school.  Buying American when it comes to flags sounds good, but is it smart to mandate it?  In our 8am hour we’ll visit with Property Appraiser Dana Blickley.


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