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City takes itself seriously, even if it doesn’t with potholes

Charles Barkley makes a stand…no apology coming

Social media not only tough for politicians

Apparently white people can’t like Mexican food on Cinco de Mayo

How stupid can we go?  Atheist chaplains?

Canadian cyber-terrorist closed Mel High

Sheriff proposes taking over port PD operations

Commission to dabble in Taxi and HOA parking regs…why?

Bill proposed to stop congress from flying first class

Matt Reed: EFSC growing with the times


While our elected officials consider road funding, there is a unique solution to the pothole problem and the city involved isn’t happy!  Charles Barkley has long made controversial comments.  I, for one, appreciate that he won’t apologize.  Social media and our political candidates don’t always mix…it seems drug dealing doesn’t mix with it either.  OK, crackers, you have to stop liking Mexican food around Cinco de Mayo.  The Atheists have gone overboard and expect our military to follow them.  It was a Canadian cyber-terrorist that closed Mel High a couple of weeks ago.  The Sheriff is proposing to take over security operations at the Port and that’s probably a smart thing.  Meanwhile, the County Commission will consider taking over for a parking Taliban and regulating taxis.  Should congress fly first class on your dime?  There is a proposal floating to stop the practice.  Should be a fun Tuesday.