Seattle leads way to unemployment with $15/hour minimum wage

Obama’s EPA goes after jobs, economy and coal

Bergdahl swap blowing up on administration

My nephew’s battle hits the headlines

New way to settle cases in Brevard?

Sheriff stops stupid spending idea for shelters

The attack on the economy is relentless.  The Obama administration has gone after coal producing regions, the associated jobs and the power for much of the country.  Seattle has passed a $15/hour minimum wage.  Does the economy need the slowdowns these acts will produce?  The Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl swap is becoming another catastrophe for the Obama administration with the president again ignoring the law on such transactions and the allegations of the soldier’s desertion.  Does Brevard have a new way to settle court room disputes?  The lack of professionalism is appalling.  Sheriff Wayne Ivey has stepped up again with a money saving idea that makes sense.  We’ll continue our candidate interviews today with Rick Lacey, County Commission D-4 candidate with us in our 8am hour.

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