Ft. Hood…again

What we know about Ft. Hood shooter

NASA suspends contact with Russians…and doesn’t at the same time

Governor signs bill to roll back ALTMAN/CRIST tax hikes

4-1 vote needed for storm water fee hike

FL House bill would allow guns in schools

Police and the mentally ill

Matt Reed: Satellite Beach/Clerk battle is win for public


The unthinkable has happened again at Ft. Hood, Texas as a soldier went on a shooting rampage killing 3 before taking his own life.  It doesn’t appear to be terrorism related, but more likely a man succumbing to the stresses of war.  NASA is suspending relations with the Russians over the Ukrainian issue, but not really.  The Altman/Crist tax hikes are rolled back in a campaign appearance by Governor Scott.  The County Commission will meet to discuss raising storm water fees.  It takes a 4-1 vote, so the question is, does Robin Fisher want it.  A Florida House bill would allow certain school employees to carry guns on campus.  I believe it’s a good idea.  We’ll see if it happens.  The NY Times has an interesting article on police officers dealing with the mentally ill.  Matt Reed writes about the paper battle between the Clerk of Courts and the City of Satellite Beach and says we win when this happens.  Matt’s with us at 8am today.