This is NOT Lynda Weatherman

(Photo: GettyImages.com)

Expect NO apology here - but ABC issued one

The Blaze network deal killed by Comcast?

Administration threatens state that dropped Common Core

Officials question high speed rail plan

Russian engines OK for purchase

Bills to governor, signatures pending

Project Magellan : (the FT Lynda Weatherman modeling portfolio)

It's official, EDC wants credit

New B-2 part of plan (what SHOULD have been secret)

NG VP: expansion good for US military, allies

Don't close those schools yet (or claim you need more money)

Matt Reed: tax elimination made it happen

Shop owner anxious for more customers

Officials react to announcement

Real Estate "boom" hoped for

Who wins on the deal?

Click the links to the Project Magellan stories linked above and you'll swear it's a modeling portfolio for the EDC's Lynda Weatherman. She must be jealous of Kate Upton or something. The Florida Today commercial for the questionable entity is clear. It's also clear we don't really need the EDC if we handle the tax situation correctly in Brevard. Let's just honestly say, if you are a big business and you are bringing big jobs numbers to Brevard, you won't have to pay school or property taxes. It's what we are doing anyway; we may as well be honest about it. We'll visit with Wayne T. Price and Dave Berman in our 8am hour and talk the Project Magellan coverage and news. Ahead of that we will look at a major cable provider trying to put the brakes on Glenn Beck's THE BLAZE network, what happens if a state drops Common Core, the reaction to high speed rail through Brevard and some of the bills the governor will be signing.


Lerner in contempt of congress (now it's official)