Time to tax the NFL?

Nationals Fort Myers move not happening, yet

WMMB national hosts come together

EFSC shooting brings parking lot law into play

Immigration will set the tone for 2014 elections

Gifted program ended, not diverse enough

It’s Super Bowl weekend…it’s about the game


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With the Super Bowl playing Sunday in New Jersey we’ll get a report from Fox News’ Todd Starnes at 7:25.  Should the NFL be taxed?  Sure it should, but will it happen?  The Washington Nationals are facing hurdles as they seek a place to move.  Three of WMMB’s national hosts are joining forces and that bodes well for all of us.  A shooting at EFSC raises questions about Florida’s gun laws and conflicting college policies.  Immigration is likely to set the tone for this year’s midterm elections.  Diversity and stupidity go hand in hand…at least for NYC schools.  It’s all in play on today’s BML.


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