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Zero Tolerance costs another good kid

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State budget looks to be done

House bill approves school carry for some

Moxley stays order for EDC to produce

Tea Party site drops N-bomb back on candidate who allegedly Tweeted it

Matt Reed: politics and potholes

Why must our schools act as if they have no ability to discern when a real threat exists?  Zero Tolerance raises its ugly head again.  The State Legislature has taken steps to fix that and now the House has passed a bill to allow certain people to carry firearms on campus.  The state budget is almost a done deal.  The EDC is resting a bit easier as Judge Moxley has stayed his order to produce records until the appeals are decided.  The Tea Party web site has dropped a bomb in the D-5 School Board race.  Use of the N-word in a previous tweet is alleged on the part of one candidate in the race.  The candidate denies.  There’s been bad blood between the candidate and Tea Party organizer Matt Nye for years.  Does this change the race?

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