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Sharks and tourism…NO, not the TDC kind of shark

Medical marijuana free to the poor

Tallahassee approves new districts…will judge?

Letter makes a point on church polling place

Another letter writer apparently can’t think for herself

America and the world lost an unmatched talent in the passing of Robin Williams yesterday.  I was introduced to Williams in Mork and Mindy.  Then I discovered his amazing stand up comedy and an acting range that was unique.  The world will miss those laughs and so much more..

Are sharks good or bad for tourism?  What has the world turned to when a California town has decided the poor must be given “medical’ marijuana?  The legislature has approved new districts.  A couple of letter writers make interesting points as churches as polling places (a NON-issue) become an issue.  Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott is scheduled at 7:45 with an update on the Primary Election.  In our 8am hour we’ll spend some time the Captain Juan Guadalupe of the Salvation Army. 


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