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Idiot restaurant owner calls 911, wants specific help

NBA wants Sterling out…wife wants to keep her ½

Chipotle wants a target rich environment

Obama regs choking gun businesses

Liberal pastors fire off on climate change, Rubio nails them with life

Redistricting trial under way

When you call 911, do you get to dictate the response?  One restaurant owner thinks so.  The NBA wants Donald Sterling out…and I am tired of this story, but there are some troubling things involved.  A national restaurant chain, with a store in town, says it doesn’t want guns being carried into stores by customers.  Is the Obama Administration using other regulations to curb gun sales?  A liberal Florida pastor is preaching climate change and belittling Marco Rubio’s stance on the issue…and Marco nails him with a bigger one!  The trial over redistricting in Florida is under way.  The legislature needs to man up.  Let’s get a Tuesday started.


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