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Newt Gingrich, Bill Maher on intolerance of gay agenda

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Did Jeb kill his presidential chances with this comment?

Paying college athletes…and a union vote for one group

Matt Reed: school pics show neglect, needed repairs

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EDC has 30 days


Welcome back from the weekend.  I hope yours was a good one.  I was disappointed in the CBS/TBS coverage of the NCAA Final Four (not to mention with the results of the games).  College athletes are on the verge of being paid for their efforts (in addition to scholarships) and at Northwestern, the athletes will decide whether to unionize or not.  When Bill Maher points out the wrongs of gay agenda activists you know something is bad wrong.  It looks more and more like Jeb Bush wants to run for President, but have his recent comments killed his chances of gaining the Republican nomination?  The Economic Development commission has 30 days to comply with Judge Moxley’s order to turn over documentation to Clerk of Courts Scott Ellis or to show cause why it shouldn’t.