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Shinseki out at VA

Carney, too

US soldier Bergdahl freed

Parents, politicians speak out about trade

More restaurants saying no to guns…well, open carry, anyway

The Sterling saga continues (the only thing making the NBA interesting)

College players to be compensated for image use

Business tax incentives on November ballot

MI student project gets go for launch

Matt Reed: wants and needs

UC, Irvine frat offends Pacific Islanders (funny, they don’t offend themselves)

Colorado bakery must serve same sex couple…says it won’t

TD Bank rejects gun store, wants to make up…story says no

Brevard and aggressive driving

Redistricting embarrassment continues

What a busy weekend…but a good one.  It started with Chris, my oldest, finally getting a new hip.  He goes home later today and for the first time in a year and half, he’s on his way back to his feet after a car wreck that could have taken him from us.  I am proud of his attitude through this whole thing.  It ended with a great event at by friends Gregg and Dania Billman’s home as conservative minded folks gathered in support of the Liberty Catalyst Fund.  And, in between, I went to the Surf Dawgs’ Art Show and charity auction that will go to help local military charities.  It was a good weekend, indeed.


Today we have a rash of stories dating back to Friday as the Obama Administration fell apart, an American soldier is coming home, but not without some controversy, the NBA circus continues, college football players find some compensation when their images are used to make money, UC Irvine finds that a frat offends Pacific Islanders, a Colorado bakery must now serve gay weddings, but says it won’t, a bank gets rebuffed for its treatment of a gun store and the redistricting trial continues to embarrass Florida Republicans.  It adds up to a busy Monday on BML.