MA confused on transgender issues

Woman claims termination for voting for Obama

Ellis dumps Source 2, brings employees back

Governor Scott wants to expand Medicaid

Enterprise Florida under scrutiny

Senate ethics bill exempts current legislators



CountyCommissioner Trudie Infantini will join us at 7am as we look at commission operation and involvement in schools, the EDC, contract negotiation and more.  Then at 8am, Florida Today’s Matt Reed is with us for his weekly look at the issues impacting the region.  We’ll also take on incentives to getting a county contract in a special post-show video only session.  Before that we have Massachusetts confused over transgender issues, a woman claiming she was fired for voting for President Obama (there’s a smart boss), Clerk of Courts Scott Ellis doing as he said and bringing outsourced workers back to the Clerk’s office, the governor supporting Medicaid expansion, more scrutiny for Enterprise Florida and an ethics bill in the Florida Senate that isn’t about ethics.