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Drug testing kids-policy cripples administrator intellect

Planned Parenthood- telling teens to get kinky

CNN revises Bloomberg group numbers (the left is learning something)

Is Chris Matthews actually learning something? (see what I mean?)

Obamacare result: 40M Americans without insurance

Florida Bar investigating Public Defender in courtroom scrap

Mall of Dreams- if we build it…ummmhummm

Emergency bill pay calls, NOT from FPL

TDC stops capital facilities grants (someone tired of throwing money away?)

Embarrassment: FL in top 10 most corrupt states

Matt Reed: Bondi’s battle on gay marriage

It’s a shame that hard line policies keep school administrators from engaging their supposedly well trained brains.  Planned Parenthood is engaging theirs and teaching kids about porn and sex toys.  Could CNN and Chris Matthews be learning something?  It seems so!  The Florida Bar is taking a look at last week’s courtroom scuffle and the PD’s actions.  It’s unclear if the judicial folks are looking at the judge.  The Miracle City Mall project says it they build it, tenants will come.  Those emergency calls you are getting to pay your electric bill are likely bogus.  The TDC may actually be tired of throwing money away.  And Florida is in the top 10…of corrupt states.  It’s not a distinction we should enjoy, yet our legislature won’t take steps to stop it!  Florida Today’s Matt Reed is with us at 8am. 

Tomorrow and Monday we’ll hit the Wayback Machine and serve up a pair of encore shows as it’s time for me to hit the Wave Runner for the weekend.  I’ll talk to you live on Tuesday!

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