Boston has scares on anniversary of bombing

NYers shred gun registration forms

Former NYC mayor wants Anti-NRA

University thinks it’s too white

Same school pushing heterosexual privilege training

Inmates run asylum as Commission backs Tipton leaving on own schedule

HP suit against Clerk of Courts dismissed

The arrogance of Prime Time Charlie

FT’s thumbs up/down

The inmates run the asylum in Brevard County as the hired hack, Howard Tipton, will determine on his own when he leaves for St. Lucie County.  We continue to pay two for the job of one.  In the hype over the Boston Marathon bombing anniversary some idiot decided a fake bomb was a good idea.  NYers are standing for and against gun rights.  A Washington state university thinks it is too white.  The HP suit against Clerk of Courts Scott Ellis has been dismissed in Federal Court…it could be refilled in the state.  Brevard Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott will join us in the 8am hour as we talk elections and related issues.


Matt Reed: study lagoon for solutions