HGTV needs a lesson in flag etiquette

Obama anti-religion in military

Family sues MPD after justified shooting

Reid blocks border security amendment

Unpaid internships may be history

Matt Reed: data=doubt on red light cameras


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Independence Day (can we call it that any more?) is less than a month away.  It’s a day that brings picnics, parties, parades and desecration of the American flag.  The folks at HGTV are clueless and they need a lesson.  Then again, so is the Obama administration with its persecution of people of faith in our military.  Melbourne PD is being sued after a justified shooting.  It’s SOP in today’s world, but when cops do their jobs as they were called to do by the family, the suit has little credibility.  We have used interns in this business giving them valuable experience and class credit as they learn about the business.  That could now be over and that’s a shame.  Matt Reed visits at 8am and we have plenty to get into from red light cameras to the Obama scandals and the George Zimmerman trial. 

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