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Why is the school involved?

NBA- today’s plantation?

Where is Gregory's shrink when he needs one?

Infantini answers Matt Reed’s column

Early voting sites and stations expand

Economic Development as an election issue

D2 Commission candidate responds to Brevard Times article

A look at D-5 School Board candidates

Ivey, Sheriff’s Association vs medical marijuana

Vietnam memorial wall arrives in Brevard


With NHL playoffs going on and baseball in full swing, it’s a shame that sports talk has been dominated by the NBA and reaction to Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s comments to his girlfriend.  How did a school get involved in discipline for kids playing games off school time?  Maybe NBC was right and David Gregory needs a shrink.  County Commissioner Trudie Infantini defended her position well in yesterday’s guest column in Florida Today.  Early voting is expanding in Brevard and the activists won’t see it because it doesn’t fit their talking points.  Economic Development will be an election issue in Brevard and it’s one place candidates set themselves apart.  The Sheriff and his association are back together on an issue- medical marijuana.  And the moving wall has made its way to Wickham Park and it’s not just for Vietnam vets!  Welcome back form the weekend!