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Gotta love Mike Ditka…ESPN may not

“Bless you,” gets student suspended…in Tennessee?

The left’s position on guns comes from ignorance and fear

Eric Holder has pressing business in DC

BUT, he fans the flame in Ferguson

Cape Canaveral jumps into marijuana regs

Scott Ellis weighs in on EDC’s election war

Weather: an argument for early/absentee voting

Legislature wants Dem influence considered in redistricting case

Lewis to decide who protects black voters best

If ESPN stays consistent with previous practice, Rush is right, they must suspend Mike Ditka (but you gotta love him).  Schoolpidity in Tennessee gets student suspended for kindness.  The anti-gun crowd is ignorant and their media shows it.  Eric Holder should be tending to business in DC, but he’s busy fanning the flames of race in Missouri.  Cape Canaveral jumps into the pot regulating business.  Scott Ellis lays out the EDC and the “election war.”  Speaking of elections, weather is an argument for third world voting.  The state’s redistricting is back in the hands of Judge Terry Lewis.  We’ll tackle as much as we can today on BML.  Plus, early voting started Saturday and continues through Saturday.  We’ll have Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott with us at 7:45am with an update.  If you didn’t see me with Matt Reed discussing our takes on the election yesterday on WEFS-TV, the show can be seen here


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