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First Brevard, now the Feds?

NBC’s Todd declares Obama presidency over

Maybe this is why

Or this…

US Patent Office: REDSKINS name is OUT

Jetty Park fees going up…if you aren’t from here (now, THAT’S tourist friendly!)

Jindal order would stop Common Core in LA

Businesses sue to stop Seattle $15/hr minimum wage

Matt Reed: Rubio a bit behind?

Brevard County is not the only government considering hiking the gasoline tax…has Washington ever seen a tax it didn’t like?  Chuck Todd says the Obama presidency is over…we only wish it were true, but the whys are interesting.  The WASHINGTON REDSKINS are again battling for their name.  We’ll talk it at 7am.  How tourist friendly can we be if we are going to charge you more to get into Jetty Park if you aren’t from here?  Bobby Jindal is trying to stop Common Core in Louisiana.  Businesses are trying to stop Seattle’s $15/he minimum wage.  Matt Reed is with us at 8am and we’ll talk his recent work and what’s coming up.

Embarrassment: FL in top 10 most corrupt states

Obamacare result: 40M Americans without insurance

Army investigating Bergdahl’s leaving base

Port predictions bold, promising

Matt Reed: Can the train be slowed?

Benghazi “suspect” captured…what now?

Administration makes Border Patrol more dangerous