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Secret Service nails it after toddler breaches White House fence

Atheists threaten restaurant-grace discount ended

We have a panhandling test case

Schools/teachers reach contract deal

My Primary Election picks

SHARK WEEK…Florida Today’s Stacey Barchenger and Jim Waymer

Earlier this week we told you about a restaurant that gave praying families a discount…not any more.  Melbourne has a panhandling test case (home confinement is NOT an option).  Brevard’s teachers have a contract to vote on.  We’ll talk my Primary Election picks today and we’ll get an update from Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott.  At 8am, something different for us…SHARK WEEK with Florida Today’s Stacey Barchenger and Jim Waymer…why are we fascinated.  My sister and I talked sharks over dinner at her condo.  I told her she didn’t want to know how many are swimming with us…but, really, aren’t we swimming with them?


Is that a candidate knocking on your door, or a gator?

Todd Starnes: Forced out of Army for Hannity and Chick-fil-A