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Hey, Chipotle!  It isn’t working!

Thank God Jay Rockefeller is almost done embarrassing WV

FL congressman Joe Garcia is embarrassing us

Pat Sajak makes me almost want to watch Wheel!

MC Assembly: holding county hostage works!

Here’s the commercial for All Aboard Florida

R’s come off as not credible in suit testimony

Matt Reed: lagoon and copters

While restaurants like Chipotle are busy banning guns on premises, bad guys are seeking out those target rich environments.  Jay Rockefeller has been embarrassing WV for years in the US Senate.  Nothing has changed as he prepares to retire.  Not to be outdone, FL congressman Joe Garcia says communism works.  I am not a Wheel of Fortune fan, but could be after Pat Sajak’s comments on Twitter.  Proving holding the county hostage works, MC Assembly says it’s keeping jobs here.  Today’s FT column on All Aboard Florida is a commercial for the project touting jobs that won’t last.  The redistricting trial in Tallahassee is making the Republican leadership look like fools.  Jim Banke will join us in the 8am hour and take us into launch coverage as we close the show.


Matt Reed: Mosquito control helicopters

A1A changes could be positive

Author says Obama should be impeached

Florida Today’s thumbs up/down