(Photo: WMMB Host - Bill Mick)

So long Casey Kasem and Tony Gwinn

Doubt climate change, lose your job

SC legislature draws ire after requiring constitutional course instead of gay studies

McDermott out, qualifying this week

Downtown Melbourne: do you hear what I hear?

Is the GOP establishment out of touch, or is it just Priebus?

Army investigating Bergdahl’s leaving base

Brevard schools failing, tout that as performing well

Port predictions bold, promising

Prime Time Charlie pandering to teachers

Matt Reed: Can the train be slowed?

Back from a long weekend and some wonderful weather in the Keys.  The jet skiing was good, but it’s good to be home.  What did I miss?  Well, we are down at least one candidate in the D-4 County Commission race and this week will determine just who is in.  Is the entire GOP establishment out of touch or is it just the chairman?  Why do our schools tout failing numbers as great results?  The Port has an optimistic outlook for Brevard’s future.  Could our past come back to haunt us?  Charlie Crist is pandering to teachers in his bid to be governor.  He sure had his hand in Florida being in the top 10 of corrupt states in the union.  Let’s see where a Tuesday takes us.

Embarrassment: FL in top 10 most corrupt states

Obamacare result: 40M Americans without insurance