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Concealed carry & lower crime rates

IKEA apparently doesn’t think so

Is the global warming debate over?

Finally, R official gets it!

Lerner told IRS employees to hide info from congress

Arts community fighting over TDC dollars

Rick Perry takes on Obama over border

Officials call for fence, I call for a wall



A new study shows a correlation between concealed carry permits and violent crime.  More guns, better society!  IKEA has a different thought on that and is backtracking on a stand one store took with a uniformed cop.  Is the global warming debate over?  Not to most Americans it isn’t!  I’m glad to see at least one Republican official is willing to call out our own.  Until we do, we will be ineffective.  Lois Lerner should probably be in jail.  It looks like the Tea Party hunting IRS official was telling employees to hide information from Congress.  Locally, TDC dollars are being fought over…by the arts community.  The claims are laughable and the TDC should stop wasting our money!  Rick Perry and Barack Obama agree on some border issues, but the action is far less than the words.  My idea would work and boost the economy of both nations.  We’ll wrap our Thursday with candidates for the Port Authority Commission D-3 seat.