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NFL tries to rule those they can’t

FCC commissioner agrees- no place for FCC in news rooms

MO-R: Anti-Common Core crowd needs tin foil hats

Normal now the alternative?

Cop killer attorney wants evidence excluded…of course he does!


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I saw it several times in my day: the police and fire departments would be working a major incident and some good Samaritan would bring coffee, food or snacks for the lot of us.  It was a welcome sign of appreciation on what were long days.  Apparently McDonalds doesn’t agree and an employee has lost her job for buying emergency responders their meals…with her own money.  That’s sad.  The NFL has gone stupid again.  In a year where the league’s credibility has taken enough hits, it wants to keep off duty cops from carrying guns inside NFL stadiums…it may be time to ban the NFL from circumventing state law on weapons, especially when it involves those who protect us all.  At least one FCC commissioner doesn’t like the idea of them coming into broadcast news rooms.  If you are anti-Common Core a Missouri lawmaker says you need a tin foil hat and has placed funding in an appropriations bill to help you.  Is normal (married with a kid) now alternative?  NBC seems to think so.  In Brevard, Barbara Pill’s killer wants evidence excluded at his trial which is scheduled to begin next week.  Of course he does.  And the judge wants deputies not wearing uniforms to the trial (did the uniform keep him from killing Barbara Pill?).  We’ll talk these stories and visit with Sheriff Wayne Ivey in our 8am hour. 


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