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EEOC slapped down by court

Going postal on Staples (or sure, let’s run business off in Titusville)

NY keeps electing winners (think Charlie Sheen “winning”)

School stops Mountain Dew & trail mix before FCAT

FCATs resume after glitch

In a major case of “do as I say, not as I do”, the EEOC was slapped down for persecuting a business for doing exactly what the EEOC does.  Titusville has enough problems keeping business without the Postal Workers Union going, well, postal in the troubled town.  But that they are and it makes no sense.  NY keeps bringing us winners when it comes to mayoral selections.  I mean, they keep giving us material!  In a rare acknowledgement that not all things schools say are bad are, in fact, bad, a local elementary school was giving Mountain Dew to its students before administering the FCAT test.  No more.  The food police have stopped the practice.  And what timing as the FCAT provider has the glitch fixed and testing is ready to resume.  A local watcher has advised me that the TDC has decided to rebid Robin Fisher’s Lemonade Stand because of the cost overruns…and that the TDC is tired of having its spending decisions criticized.  Suggestion: make some good decisions and stop with the cost overruns on nearly everything that comes out.  You can also stop begging for even more tax dollars than you currently get to waste every year.  Those stories and Matt Reed with us at 8am on today’s BML.


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