At all levels, celebration/taunting rules go too far

Coast Guard Admiral stands for religious freedom in military

Name the Port’s welcome center

Blue Gem files counter-suit

The legislative session is over; here’s the list

Election reform wisely in hands of Supervisors

Limbaugh and the business of radio

Benghazi details coming from State insiders

Nation intentionally misled (like we didn’t catch that early)

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It took the box office by storm and with good reason.  Iron Man 3 is a must see.  I saw the 2D version over the weekend…may take in the 3D just to see how distracting it is.  And, as we thought, we have lots of stories in our MICKOVER section that we simply didn’t have time to address last week…we’ll do our best as religious freedom, gun rights, idiocy in our schools, wasteful legislative spending, election reform, the business of radio and Benghazi are all in our headlines as we begin our week together on BML. 


Could Governor Scott draw a primary?

Legislature on spending spree

Arizona saves guns in buyback program

Liberty University steps up for NC student

FL student jailed for science experiment

MSNBC attacks NRA & Christians at the same time

Bullying in Brevard

Is this the schools’ answer?

Palm Beach Sheriff gets $1M for violence prevention…needs PR help!