Sochi- the medal count

Dolphins fire two in bullying fiasco

MN man wins over NSA

Administration to study newsrooms

Coulter: “Tea Party” shysters

Mom with gun stops armed home invasion

The left’s flawed logic on Obamacare

TDC vote next week on FIT TV package

FL Senate clears legislator residency standards

Gun makers looking south and west…EDC where are you?

Launch tonight carries GPS satellite


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Heads have rolled in Miami over so called bullying in the locker room.  A Minnesota man has won a battle with the NSA and the parody is on!  The Obama Administration is headed to a newsroom or two and it’s not their place.  Ann Coulter cautioned Sean Hannity about Tea Party “shysters.”  If a mom tells you she has a gun and will protect her family you’d best believe her.  When it comes to Obamacare’s impact on the economy the left is lost.  Closer to home the TDC will vote next week on the FIT football TV package, the FL legislature is closer to having residency requirements, but they should put some teeth in them.  Gun makes are looking to expand in the South and the West and the EDC is failing miserably on that front.  Matt Reed’s with us at 8am.  Let’s get the day going!


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