Barilla faces next gay boycott

UM prof an idiot…says Martin verdict legalizes hunting children

The Blaze sees the whole story on Kneessy/Paterakis

School Board moves to enhance security, back a tax hike

Blickley looks for tax cheats (wonder if her predecessor is on the list?)

Reid: no compromise- no surprise there

WV’s Manchin wants Obamacare delay

Kerry’s signing Arms Treaty causes concerns

Interesting read: Beck speaks truth using Tokyo Rose’s mic


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As we head into the weekend the GLBT army is after (of all things) a pasta maker.  A University of Maryland professor is blindly stupid in his comments to his students.  Brevard’s School Board gets some national attention from the Blaze…fortunately Glenn’s people looked for the WHOLE story, not just what was presented by an incompetent candidate.  Dana Blickley’s office is looking for tax cheats…and I thought she ran him out of office!  Sheriff Wayne Ivey joins us at 8am.

Kerry acts outside the scope, signs UN Arms Control pact