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NFL: Do not step outside the PC lines

NCAA: Time to go away…and it’s coming

Restaurants learning gun lesson

Melbourne budget workshop tonight

Binggeli gets annual review (failed his RCAT)

Should we be at war with Mexico?

Judge rules write-ins for state office don’t have to live in district

Battle for Senate will determine how it leans

It’s time to start thinking NFL and NCAA football…if they can get back to football!  Some restaurants are learning the armed customer lesson and profiting form it!  Should we be at war with Mexico?  A new court ruling makes the playing field level for state legislative candidates, but invites games.  And the battle for control of the Florida Senate will determine the direction of the legislature.  Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott will join us at 7:45 to update us on the election that is already under way.  Todd Starnes is with us at 7:25 and in our 8am hour we’ll talk with candidates for the Circuit Judge Group 23 seat at 8am.  After the show we’ll have about 10 minutes with them on line on the Brevard Political page.  We will be live right after the show or available on demand shortly thereafter.