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Shark Week interview Friday, girl bitten Saturday

NFL nonsense- University wants Redskins to have NO LOGO

Cops say candidate played the judge card, candidate denies

Holy Name, Catholic hierarchy cave to 1 out of area voter

EDC declares war in County Commission election

FT- Legislature fumbled redistricting

Redistricting approved by committees of both houses of legislature

Matt Reed: Tech costs add up for schools

Todd Starnes joins us at 7:25.  His crazy mall story will get your attention.  Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott steps in at 7:45 with an update on the Primary Election.  At 8:45 we’ll hear from Dependable Handyman and Cleaning.  They are participating members of the SHOW YOUR STRIPES initiative and are having success.  In fact, they are looking for more vets to employ!

The NFL is facing more politically correct crap from a Minnesota university.  One local judicial candidate is getting publicity, the wrong kind.  Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church and the Catholic hierarchy have caved to one person who doesn’t vote there and the impact will be huge.  One liberal activist, who doesn’t even vote at Holy Name, is causing nearly 5000 voters to be moved for the General Election.  The EDC has declared the County Commission elections a war.  The EDC doesn’t want to be held accountable for its actions with your money.  The legislature may have fixed the maps, but my guess is the challenges will continue.


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