FAU- punish studentor not

Mark Kelly’s gun purchase has been cancelled

Port meeting weighs “donation” & future of CEO

Here’s an idea- SELL the school buildings

Lt. Governor’s office-CLOSED

Greer sentencing tomorrow

Consistency not in attorney repertoire as judicial positions change with politics

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THIS is your job...not schools

The story just won’t go away for Florida Atlantic University.  Did they discipline the “stomping Jesus” student or not?  We already know they violated their stated values.  Can they get this right?  Astronaut and Gabby Giffords husband Mark Kelly has had his AR-15 purchase cancelled by the gun store.  Kelly’s playing of politics with the 2nd Amendment made the store a pawn and the owner just said no.  The Port is talking more than schools (that they should not be discussing at all).  Their top gun’s job is on the line…maybe now we see the reason for the school smokescreen?  How about this for our “to be closed” schools?  SELL THEM!  Finally, a reasonable solution is at least in play.  Here’s how important the Lt. Governor’s job is…the office is closed during the legislative session.  Maybe we should eliminate the position.  Jim Greer gets sentenced tomorrow, but the damage he inflicted on the RPOF will last long beyond his jail time.  Florida court appointments have been in the news of late and the Florida Bar should look at the lawyers and their ethics as they play politics with the bench.  In our final hour today we’ll talk with David Brooks of Verus Insurance Partners and take your questions on how you best comply with and potentially benefit from Obamacare.

Matt Reed-Port donation

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