No wonder Stockton didn’t want to talk-we may have revealed their problems

More university nonsense/conservative discrimination

Brevard schools keep credit rating

FAU can’t stay out of the news

Groups oppose arming FL teachers

Daytona business accused in welfare fraud

Brevard Clerk/Blueware deal gets statewide focus

CT agrees to gun control bill

GA town requires gun ownership reporter to be questioned in Aurora shooting case

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When I went to Modesto we had stations there and in Stockton.  I spent the first months of my time there with producer Heather Voortman contacting and meeting with elected officials and print media.  Modesto and Stanislaus County were very receptive and we had great relationships with many who made or covered the news.  Stockton was a different story.  Neither elected officials nor print media in Stockton wanted anyone else playing in their pool.  Now we see why.  The city is bankrupt and talking issues there may have just revealed their problems while they were still being created.  It seems American colleges are continually attacking conservative students.  This time it’s pro-life students who are compared to the most extreme of activist groups.  Arming FL teachers, as you might expect, is being opposed by some in Tallahassee.  A Daytona Beach business is one reason EBT cards are a bad idea.  CT has reached a deal on strict gun control measures while a GA town is requiring gun ownership…sort of.  And, Clerk of Courts Scott Ellis is generating a look at economic development efforts as he fights the BlueWare battle. 


Clerk suit against BlueGem/RoseWare detailed

Ellis says he won’t pay