Cocoa Beach dumps red light cameras

A Rod drops lawsuits

EFSC dumps old gun policy

Todd Starnes: school battles over celebrating America

Worse than San Fran, Canada has crack pipe vending machines

Whacko ex-employee sues company over pronoun use

Cocoa Beach prepares to act on pot stores

School tax committee forms to push YES

Teacher laments rude behavior in column

Olympics medal count

The 2014 Winter Olympics are under way and I have been enjoying them, well, the sports part anyway.  I am not impressed by the opening ceremonies or the announcers during them that are more like the TV hosts of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  I can’t even tell you who the announcers were during Friday night’s festivities, but the lady announcer ticked me off.  As she was noting that the order of countries as their athletes marched into the stadium was based on the alphabet used in Russia, she said if we need to understand more to “google it.”  Now, wait a minute.  You are the on scene reporter, you brought it up and it’s your job to provide information we may not have.  So, if you are going to bring it up, do your job and explain it.


(Photo: GettyImages.com ) 

Cocoa Beach has dong the right thing and red light cameras will be a thing of the past, eventually.  Eastern Florida State, acting quickly for an institution, has changed its guns on campus policy to comply with state law.  A-Rod has dropped his lawsuits against MLB and the MLBPA.  We thought San Francisco was bad for wanting to hand out free crack pipes, Canada has gone all in with crack pipe vending machines.  Cocoa Beach is getting an early handle on pot stores.  Anyone can sue for anything, I suppose, but if you don’t know or don’t state who or what you are, how are coworkers to know?  A local committee has formed to push for the school sales tax.  And in a weekend column, one area teacher laments the behavior of her students and she’s right on!