Battle for unmanned craft use drones on

NRA wants national reciprocity on concealed carry

Pop Tart bill passes- off to governor

FL Stadium funding tied to Cuban immigration/smuggling

Senate passes speed limit hike-has not made it to House floor

Senate President, House Speaker pat each other on the back, claim conservatism

Transportation panel recommends 6 cent gas tax for Brevard

The Report to the commission

D-2 Commission race: money or work to win it?


Drones, concealed carry, the Florida Legislature, a proposed 6 cent gas tax hike in Brevard and a look at the D-2 county Commission race are in play for our Friday.  Me?  I wonder where all these tax hike advocates think we get the money to keep paying for every whim of government.  It’s sad the legislature has to pass a bill to inject some common sense into our school “zero tolerance” policies.  The leaders of the legislative chambers have no trouble patting each other on the back.  And that D-2 commission race…it appears it’s coming down to establishment money vs. hard work and good ideas.  Let’s hope the establishment isn’t as established as it thinks.