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NFL draft brings first openly gay player…and trouble for Dolphins on Twitter

Could Brevard lose the Manatees?

Florida Today campaign for EDC continues

Local political environment heating up

An overview of Project Magellan coming together

As Republicans try to cave on immigration, the other side says it’s not enough

Rand Paul: R's need to back off on voter ID

As the NHL and NBA work through their playoffs, the NFL tried for relevance with its draft.  What it did was highlight the political correctness the league is embracing as it waters down the product.  First the Nationals and now the Manatees?  I hate to see it, but it’s a possibility.  As the region basks in the glow of the big Project Magellan win, Florida Today puts on the press for keeping tax abatements and the EDC.  The political season is heating up and apparently District 4 can not get enough County Commission candidates.  In DC Republicans are trying to give in on immigration reform, but the Democrats say it isn’t enough.  Rand Paul stepped in it over the weekend saying that Republicans need to stop talking about voter ID because we are offending people. 


Bills to governor, signatures pending