Disney rules don’t match pricing

But, if you can afford Disney, maybe this is for you

GA woman steals from Girl Scouts

Election reform brings fight in Senate committee

Colorado governor to sign restrictive gun bill

UCF student kills self, had bombs

RNC wants say in debate moderators

Matt Reed on entitlements and cuts

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While Florida is in no danger of enacting more restrictive gun legislation, Colorado has and the governor is ready to sign the bills.  A UCF incident will add to the gun control debate.  Have you been to Disney?  If you pay adult prices, should you be treated as an adult?  There is something inconsistent here.  How do you steal from kids?  No, not Disney (although the argument could be made), the Girl Scouts!  The Republican National Committee wants a say in debate moderators in future elections.  I hope they get it.  Election reform in Tallahassee is generating conflict.  Let’s just hope they are smart about it.  And we’ll hear from Charlie Daniels today as he prepares to head to Runaway Country this weekend.